24Mantra Bura (Brown) Sugar, 2 kg

Price: ₹299.00
(as of Oct 08,2021 18:17:37 UTC – Details)

24Mantra bura sugar is also known as demerara sugar. Since it’s light brown in colour and more granular than refined white sugar, the sugar is called bura (crushed). just like white sugar, bura sugar too is made from sugarcane. Bura sugar is the least refined or processed form of sugar or sugarcane juice. Comparatively, it’s the closest form of natural sugar. The sugarcane juice extracted from the pressed sugarcane, is left to boil. The heat allows the water or moisture to evaporate from the juice. What’s left is the thick sugar syrup which when cooled, hardened and crystallized. The sugar obtained at this stage is known as bura sugar. Since it goes through the process of reduction and refinement only once, bura sugar still contains certain amount of nutrients. Bura sugar contains molasses (the brown portion of the sugarcane juice) which possesses certain minerals in very small amounts. These include calcium, vitamins B3, B5, B5 and iron. The darker the bura sugar, the higher the content of molasses.

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