Aramane Filter Coffee Powder Strong 200gx2 (Coffee-60%, Chicory-40% 400g)

Price: ₹220.00
(as of Oct 13,2021 12:16:32 UTC – Details)

The hills of southern India are bestowed with abundant coffee plantations. A South Indian household is incomplete without Filter Coffee and a Moka pot to brew an aromatic cup of coffee that enhance your senses. For Filter Coffee lover’s it’s not just an average beverage. It is a pick me up we all need in the morning and to get us going through the day. Filter Coffee making is an art that requires finesse and skills. Aramane brings you only the best-handpicked coffee beans from the hills of Coorg to your coffee cup. It offers the best blend of Arabica, Robusta, and Chicory to give you a rich coffee experience. Also available in 70:30 blend.

Our coffee beans are grown in the hills of Coorg, roasted and ground to perfection in Mysuru.
We offer you coffee powder combined with chicory in the ratio of 70:30 and 60:40 respectively.
You can choose from either Medium or Strong Coffee options based on your taste.
Makes an aromatic thick decoction when used in an authentic South Indian coffee filter.

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