BNB Premium Refined Sesame / Gingelly / Til Oil for Cooking and Deep Frying (500 ML)

Price: ₹199.00
(as of Oct 12,2021 14:58:56 UTC – Details)

Premium Refined Sesame Oil 500ml

BNB Premium Refined Sesame has high smoke point which makes it suitable for deep frying. BNB Refined Sesame Oil can be used for cooking dishes such as Chola Bhatura, Samsoa, Pakora, French Fries, Onion Rings
BNB Premium Refined Sesame Oil is consumed 20%-25% approximately less as compared to other oils. Refined Sesame Oil may help in reducing gastric problems due to less oil consumption.
BNB Premium Refined Sesame Oil contains fewer trans-fats,fatty acids such as saturated fats making it more fit for consumption.Sesame oil contains anti oxidants such as sesamol and sesamolin. Thus, Sesame oil is beneficial for overall health.
Sesame Oil is consumed highly in countries like Taiwan, Japan, Korea,Vietnam,Europe and USA due to being a healthy oil. Give a try to this healthy Sesame Cooking Oil.

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