BNB Refined Sesame oil (1 L) | Til Oil | Gingelly Oil | Cooking Oil| Deep Frying Oil (1 litre)

Price: ₹295.00
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BNB Refined Sesame Oil is prepared from high quality sesame seeds at a lower temperature to retain the nutritious property of seed in the oil for maximum benefit of the body.
BNB Refined Sesame Oil is very low in trans fats thereby preventing the body from further damage.
High smoke point makes BNB Refined Sesame Oil suitable for deep frying and ideal for high heat cooking . BNB Refined Sesame Oil can be used for cooking dishes such as Chola Bhatura, Samsoa, Pakora, French Fries, Onion Rings etc.
BNB Refined Sesame Oil is consumed 20%-25% approximately less as compared to other oils.Sesame Oil may help in reducing gastric problems due to less oil consumption.

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