Café N Tea 100% Natural Instant Coffee Premix – 1kg [80 Cups]

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While making instant mixes for reputed labels in the tea and coffee industry for the past ten years, we noticed that everything revolved around the idea of convenience whereas the importance of taste and experience took a back seat. Which is why we decided we wanted to restore some of the magic of the traditional coffee and tea experience that has faded with our instant mixes. We set off to find the perfect ingredients to make our instant mixes that much more delicious. Rich, premium coffee beans from the best coffee plantations, tea leaves handpicked from the freshest tea gardens and aromatic spices. Just you, our tea and coffee, and nothing else. No added synthetic flavours, natural cane sugar and complete natural ingredients, to get the rich flavour and health benefits of pure Indian ingredients.

We, as a family, started our brand Cafe N Tea in the year 2009, in the hopes of taking you on an enchanting journey of flavour.

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A smooth blend produced from top quality coffee beans grown in the estates of Karnataka, this cold coffee brew is for all the coffee lovers!

Quality coffee beans, sourced from the best plantations in Karnataka are roasted and blended to perfection. Get the ideal cafe experience, in seconds with the perfect cup of cappuccino!

Kick back and relax with the perfect fusion of sweet and spicy. A rich blend of tea leaves with a delightful kick of sun dried ginger for authentic ginger tea that hits the spot with every sip!

Take a trip down memory lane with this The flavourful taste of milky tea, laced with an aromatic touch of cardamom sourced from the plantations of Kerala, get your dose of comforting goodness in seconds.

A delicious blend of locally grown ingredients to give you the taste of Indian chai in a cup! The rich taste of fresh tea leaves from the gardens of Assam, with hints of cinnamon, clove & cardamom, get your dose of traditional masala chai in seconds.

100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS – Our instant coffee premix powder has been made using 100% Natural Ingredients. We do not add any preservatives, artificial flavors or fillers. We believe in using quality ingredients to ensure the optimal taste for our customers!
PURE AND PERFECTLY ROASTED COFFEE BEANS – Our coffee beans are a 100% Pure and Roasted Coffee Beans. They are carefully picked from South Indian plantations, which are roasted to perfection and powdered with precision to create the finest coffee powder which is a rich source of antioxidants & vitamin b-2 + b-3.
CONVENIENT – Now make yourself a hot mug of coffee for yourself at office or home instantly. Get the taste and experience of a freshly brewed coffee instantly with Café n Tea Instant Coffee Premix Powder. Just add water to the premix powder and your coffee is ready to drink.
EASY TO PREPARE – To prepare your perfect cup of cappuccino, take 12.5g (1 tsp) of premix powder in a cup and add 100ml of hot water to it. Mix well and your coffee is ready to drink in less than two minutes. Please note – our recommendation is suitable for vending machines in office as well. A 1kg pack will make you about 80 cups of cappuccino coffee.
EASY TO USE – Our premix powder is designed for the regular coffee drinker, who requires a dose of caffeine to power up. With our instant coffee solution, you don’t have to invest in any coffee machine/Coffee makers. No more relying on individual packets of coffee powder, milk and sugar. We have it all blended in the right proportion so that you don’t have to measure every time you want to drink a cup of coffee.
HOW TO STORE – Empty the packet in a container and use it as per requirement. The premix powder should be stored in ambient/ Room Temperature. Keep away from direct sunlight. Ensure the container and the powder is kept moisture-free.
MADE IN INDIA – We are proud Indians and we ensure we practice it too. All ingredients are sourced from within India. We are a 100% Made in India brand.

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