Chekko Cold Pressed Groundnut / Peanut Oil ( Virgin, Kachi Ghani, Chekku ) | 100% Natural, Pure & Wood Pressed (1L) for Cooking

Price: ₹345.00
(as of Oct 09,2021 19:52:39 UTC – Details)

Chekko Cold Pressed Virgin Groundnut Oil – Our farm-grown selected peanuts/groundnuts will undergo wooden press method like olden days to extract oil, Groundnut oil which is extracted using this traditional method is highly nutritious and the health benefits in the oil will not be vanished and remain intact, some times its also called as cold-pressed as it will not undergo any heat or bleaching process as we do for refined oil, this natural cold-pressed/ wooden pressed oil is popularly known as mara chekku ennai in Tamil Nadu which will serve various benefits from cooking to health.

The good cholesterol present in cold pressed groundnut oil lowers the risk of heart disorders. The monosaturated fats help in the regulation of blood pressure levels and improves blood circulation
Lowers the visible signs of ageing such as dark spots and wrinkles when few drops are regularly applied directly to face because it is a Rich Source of Vitamin E
Due to the high smoke point it is great for deep fry and better healthy alternative to refined oils
Packed in a ECO friendly easy to use tin packaging.

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