Dhampurgreen Natural Brown Sugar Crystal, Demerara Golden Brown Sugarcane Semi Crystalline Mineral Rich Pure Molasses Sugar for Tea Coffee Baking , 5 Kg(5×1 Kg)

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Dhampur Green Demerara Sugar is regarded by coffee connoisseurs as an essential ingredient in the art of creating a perfect cup of coffee. With its golden colour and subtle molasses flavour it is an exotic sugar with a golden colour and an aromatic flavour. This traditional sugar has a deep golden colour and has an appetising aroma. Whilst it serves to add flavour to end product, it makes the befitting complement to coffee, and imparts a delicious crunch and flavour to fruit crumbles, biscuits, cereals, fruits and porridge. Important practical notes- 1. It is vital to note that brown sugars naturally leach color when dissolved in water, since the crystals contain a thin layer of the remaining molasses produced during the manufacturing process. This does not imply that they are colored or artificial. 2. Brown Sugars also have a tendency to harden sometimes due to a prolonged exposure to air; when the moisture in the sugar has evaporated. Again, that’s nothing to worry about because the sugar hasn’t gone bad. If you need it immediately, simply place roughly the amount of sugar you need in a microwave-safe bowl with a slightly dampened paper towel on top. Microwave for 30 seconds to 1 minute on medium-low, or until it’s soft. If you don’t need to use the sugar right away, empty the hardened bag of sugar into a large, zip-top bag with a few apple wedges, seal it, and let it set overnight, or until the sugar softens. Your brown sugar is as good as new! Tastes best stored between 20°-25°c. Note: Product Packaging may be changed by company at any point in time without any notification. Product packing may differ from the image.

Chemical-free, golden granulated sugar
Great in tea/ coffee
Sprinkle over a butter toast to relish it naturally
Premium Rich Full Bodied Taste
Natural Brown Sugar with an aromatic molasses flavour that is great in baking
Also available in other packing sizes & portion packs

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