IDHAYAM Gingelly / Sesame Oil (2 Litre Can)

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IDHAYAM is the fastest-growing cooking oil brand in India. A pioneer of producing healthy cooking oils for over 8 decades, our super healthy, natural, and pure IDHAYAM Sesame Oil and IDHAYAM MANTRA Groundnut Oil are loved by millions for evoking incredible taste in their food. IDHAYAM is synonymous to “healthy cooking” in households in India and worldwide, keeping you healthy, happy, and enriched. ‘IDHAYAM’, the name gets its origin from ‘Hriday’ a Sanskrit word, which means ‘heart’. IDHAYAM sesame oil is a natural cooking medium. It does not affect the heart, hence the name. IDHAYAM also reduces blood cholesterol. Today just the word ‘IDHAYAM’, has almost become synonymous with Sesame Oil. The Group was built with the main objective of ‘Grow with Truth, Hard Work and Committed Quality’ was their key to success.

Never Compromising on its Premium Raw materials, the specially, carefully selected sesame seeds are mechanically cleaned.
We take special care to maintain the natural flavour and quality of the sesame oil while extracting it from sesame seeds.
IDHAYAM is well-suited for any type of cooking, and can be used for “oil pulling” or oil massages for more wholesome health.
Palm Jaggery, which has the properties of a preservative is used in the production of IDHAYAM gingelly oil.

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