Organic Forest Country Side Brown Sugar Mineral Rich and Raw Luscious Sugar Organic Brown Sugar Standard Zip Lock Pack of 1 Kg

Price: ₹270.00 - ₹260.00
(as of Oct 12,2021 20:01:14 UTC – Details)

When it comes to Nutrition, Brown Sugar offers slightly more Nutrients than White sugar. The unique Health benefits of Brown sugar include its ability to Boost Energy levels, Prevent Cold, Treat Uterine Infections, Improve Digestion, Reduce Flatulence, and aid in Weight Loss. Like any other simple Carbohydrate, this sugar has an Energizing effect on the Body, making it a popular addition to Morning Coffee.
Brown sugar like all Sugar provides Glucose to the Body and the Brain, it also provides a touch of extra Flavour. Glucose is the brain’s preferred energy source. It contains a high concentration of carbohydrates, more than 97% by weight. A single teaspoon of this sugar delivers 17 calories. It’s High in calories and meant to provide your body with carbohydrates to use as Energy.
Our Country Side Brown Sugar is 100 % Pure and Healthy, it is also very Tasty and Hassle-free. Since molasses is able to absorb water, the Baked Goods made with Brown Sugar retain Moisture well. Common uses for Brown sugar include sweetening Baked Goods, Sauces, Marinades, and even Bacon. If you have low blood sugar, it’s crucial to Eat fast-acting Glucose like Brown sugar. Some of the brown sugars are famous because of their taste.
We have made Country Side Brown Sugar using our Traditional method. Our Products are Crafted with care. We don’t Add any Chemicals and Preservatives and any External flavor making it a Mineral-Rich, Raw Organic Luscious Sugar. This Package contains 1 Kg Of Country Side Brown Sugar our Easy to Use Standard Zip Lock Packet.

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