Paragraph The First Forty Specialty Coffee 100% Arabica, Vienna Roast(Medium Roast) Ground Coffee, French Press Coffee Powder, 250g

Price: ₹540.00
(as of Oct 14,2021 20:09:40 UTC – Details)

BEST NATURAL FLAVOUR COFFEE: Our plantations are surrounded with various fruits and spices whose notes get locked in the coffee beans before they even make it to our German roasting machines, the taste that you feel when you open the pack are unlocked through the consistent roasting profile we give to every small batch we roast. You will experience hint of Grapefruits and spices in the aroma and Dark Chocolate aftertaste when you sip it.
HANDCRAFTED SPECIALTY COFFEE: At an altitude of 4500 feet where our plantations are, we make sure we give ample time for our coffee beans to ripen equally before they are handpicked. We make sure every bean getting roasted is complete in flavour, optimum in moisture and balanced with regards to acidity
INDIAN MEETS ITS BEST COFFEE: While this particular coffee blend is from the highest altitudes of India in Chikmagalur where the famous filter coffee can be had at every corner, we have a host of beans that we keep discovering not only in India, but also across the world, from Colombia to Gautemala to Brazil and Indonesia, all of which is coming soon.
INDIAN WITH A GLOBAL PALETTE: If you’re looking for the best coffee of the world, then Paragraph coffee is the place where you will get it all. While we are used to the taste of instant coffee, what lies beyond is a world of coffee flavours that you can explore with us. We look for best plantation practices that are safe for environment, best cuppers and inhouse roasters so that we extract the best out of every coffee bean.

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