SLAY X Pure 100% Robusta Roasted Ground Coffee Powder | India’s Strongest Coffee Blend | Freshly Roasted | Medium to Dark Roast | No Chicory | Not an Instant Coffee 250g (Pack of 1)

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Product Description

India's Strongest CoffeeIndia's Strongest Coffee

Single OriginSingle Origin

Single-Origin, Specialty Blend

All SLAY X Coffee Beans are sourced from the Award-winning estates of Chikmagaluru also touted as “The Land Of Coffee”

Freshly roastedFreshly roasted

Freshly Roasted Beans

All SLAY X Coffee beans are roasted in small batches to maintain the freshness of the coffee beans.

India's Strongest CoffeeIndia's Strongest Coffee

India’s Strongest Coffee

Internationally, strong blends contain 1750 mg per 100 grams of coffee. SLAY-X on the other hand has 2250 mg of caffeine per 100 grams of coffee

Premium coffeePremium coffee

Premium Coffee

Medium fine grind coffee powder that is suitable for French press, drip brewing, cold-brewing, traditional south Indian filter brewing methods.

At SLAY we have a simple vision — to grow, roast, grind, brew, pour, and bring the best cup of coffee to you anytime, anywhere. While we continue to deliver a great coffee experience to your doorstep, we are now also delivering our premium bean blends which we use across our SLAY Coffee Bars. Now you can brew India’s Best Coffee the way you like it.

QUALITY BREW: The beans are carefully selected and expertly roasted in small batches. The result is a smooth medium to dark roast coffee, giving you the highest quality energy and artisan flavour, with subtle orange zest notes, bittersweet and persistent aftertaste with every sip. Enjoy this coffee straight-up as black coffee or with any dairy alternative.
OBSESSED WITH FRESH: Do you know when your coffee was roasted?. Freshly roasted coffee means a more flavourful cup. Just Scan the QR Code on the pack to trace the origin and freshness of your coffee. By measuring freshness in days and not in months, we’re holding ourselves to a higher standard than others.
DIFFERENT GRIND SIZES: We grind from fine to coarse for a range of brewing equipments; Espresso machine, Aeropress, moka pot,cold brew, French press, drip coffee and coffee filter.
PACKAGING:: The fresher the coffee, the more satisfying the cup. That’s why our coffees are packed soon after roasting in a sealable pouch which comes with a one-way freshness valve designed to remove excess Carbon dioxide released from roasted beans, while restricting any air from outside into the pouch.
PACKAGE CONTENT: 100% pure vegetarian unflavoured Ground Coffee without any artificial additives, additional sugar or chicory; qty 250gms; shelf life 12 months.

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