The Flying Squirrel Coffee Café Chic Filter Coffee Beans Powder, Medium Grind, 250g

Price: ₹320.00
(as of Oct 11,2021 09:37:12 UTC – Details)

About Flying Squirrel
What began in late 2013 as an attempt to make some truly remarkable coffee from Tej’s farm in Coorg more accessible to friends and family across cities soon grew into one of India’s leading online coffee brands in just a few years! The intentions were humble – a true coffee drinker didn’t really have much of a choice when it came to home-brewing with quality coffee beans. The stuff found on supermarket shelves was roasted anywhere between a month to a whopping 6 months ago. The Flying Squirrel was here to solve this problem. We started at the estate level, working with India’s (and possibly one among the world’s) finest coffee consultant. We looked at how we could use our natural soil, climate, and water conditions to work better for us, to create better coffee beans. We experimented with different cultivars, varying growing conditions, inter-cropping, different methods of processing, drying, storing and roasting – and various permutations and combinations of the same, followed by copious amounts of cupping. We finally settled on 6 perfectly diverse, beautiful coffees.

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