Tilsar 400ml Ghani White Sesame Oil (Kolhu/Chekku Til Oil / Gingelly Oil) – Pack of 2(200ml Each) | Unrefined and Filtered

Price: ₹300.00 - ₹255.00
(as of Oct 12,2021 09:54:06 UTC – Details)

Sesame oil is an edible vegetable oil derived from sesame seeds. Besides being used as a cooking oil, it is used as a flavor enhancer in many cuisines, having a distinctive nutty aroma and taste. The oil is one of the earliest known crop-based oils. Sesame oil contains unique natural antioxidants i.e.Sesamol, Sesamin, Sesamolin. Where Sesamin helps to maintain normal blood pressure. Sesamolin helps in lowering bad cholesterol (i.e.LDL), both keep the cardiovascular system well balanced. Sesame oil is an ideal choice cooking oil for a heart patient. Because of High in PUFA and Low in SAFA. This helps to prevent illnesses such as heart disease, high blood pressure, Joint Pains. It can be used for Medicinal Preparations and on the skin for Massage.

Made to be less pungent and smooth, will enhance food taste
Great for body/hair massage and oil pulling
Packing of two 200ml PET Bottles
Original aroma of Sesame Seeds, Zero Chemicals, Zero Additives, Zero Cholesterol

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