Worth2Deal 300ml Sesame Oil (GINGELLY Oil ) TIL KA TEL,NALLENNAI,Cold Pressed in Wooden Ghani,Organic

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COLD PRESSED IN WOODEN GHANI SO THAT THE BENEFITS OF SESAME WONT LOSE Sesame seed oil is often referred to as ‘Til ka Tel’ or Gingely Oil and it is widely used in cooking. Chefs and health experts also recommend sesame oil as a medium of cooking or frying. Sesame oil is extracted from tiny sesame seeds and is a powerhouse of antioxidants. It is not only good for your health; this miracle oil can make your hair strong and your skin glow. Drizzle sesame oil in your salads or use it as body massage oil. The several benefits of sesame oil make it versatile. benefits of sesame oil mentioned below will surely convince you to make it a new member of your kitchen. Regular consumption of sesame oil can reduce blood pressure and sodium levels. A study published in Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine reveals, if people with high blood pressure consumed sesame oil for 45 days, then their blood pressure dropped considerably.According to the report published in the ‘Journal of Medicinal Foods’ sesame oil can help in reducing blood sugar levels to a great extent. So you use sesame oil instead of refined oil and olive oil. You can also make delicious dishes with this oil, so you don’t actually have to compromise on taste while taking care of your health!Sesame oil contains magnesium and other nutrients that improve the effectiveness of oral diabetes treating drug Glibenclamide in type 2 diabetes.Sesame oil can reduce plaque and whiten teeth. If you can do oil pulling using sesame oil daily then the harmful bacteria (Streptococcus mutants) in the mouth can’t cause cavities and gum infections.

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